Hello, my name is Lenny…

Inaugural blog post. Should probably expose why I’m here. All I can say is life has not turned out the way I expected. I’ve gone through experiences I couldn’t have even imagined when I was a curly haired toddler, dreaming about transforming into a power ranger and running alongside that prickly blue hedgehog. In those moments where my world was being tugged at, sharply rocked, I could not be more violently at its odds. But as time has passed and my ego is slowly learning to relent, I have begun to uncover past, present, and even my constant future musings, to try and understand the individual I am. Instead of believing in right and wrong, good and evil, any absolute and unconnected extremes, as I have my whole life previously done, I want to reexamine the events that have brought me here.

In its condensed essence, I have lost sight of myself and hope to find it once more. Through arduous self examination I will attempt to achieve that goal, and maybe provide some courage for others to do the same.

Hello, my name is Lenny and this is my journey.